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World War II

WWII Documents

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WWII Documents
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The Avalon Project

Albert Einstein's Letters to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Assassination Attempts on Hitler's Life

Atlantic Charter

Eyewitness Account of Einsatz Executions

President Wilson's Fourteen Points

"The Four Principles"

Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" Speech

Fuehrer Order of the Day to the Soldiers of the Eastern Front

German Surrender Documents

Harry S. Truman's Announcement Of the Dropping of An Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima

Hitler's Commissar Order to his Generals

Japanese Surrender Documents

"Loose Lips Sink Ships"

The Man Who Never Was: Part 1

The Man Who Never Was: Part 2

The Man Who Never Was: Part 3

Master Lend-Lease Agreement

Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary

Pearl Harbor - Documents

Potsdam Conference

President Roosevelt's Fireside Chat on Progress of the War

Quotations by Germans Pertaining to The Holocaust

The Struma: The Boat That Never Made It; Part 1

The Struma: The Boat That Never Made It; Part 2

Translations of Two Leaflets Dropped on Japanese Cities

U.S. Declaration of War on Japan

The Voyage of the SS St. Louis

The Yalta Conference